Delivering on Personalization with the Power of APIs

with Laura Heritage, Director of API Strategy at SOA Software
& Tom Klein, CEO of Digital Scientists


Delivering on Personalization with the Power of APIs

Friday, December 5th, 2014 - 9 AM Pacific Time/12 Noon Eastern

Personalization is essential to how brands and companies of all sizes will acquire and retain customers in 2015.  APIs enable just in time access to powerful insights, such as a customer’s context and motivation, which can be used to craft either entirely new or dramatically improved customer experiences.

Please join us in this webinar to learn how marketers and technologists can harness APIs and web services to personalize the customer experience.

In this session you will learn:
•    Why is personalization important for capturing and delighting customers?
•    What are the main drivers of personalization, with examples?
•    What is an API?
•    How are companies using APIs and personalization to rethink the customer experience?
•    How can companies innovate to deliver a more personalized experience with APIs?

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Laura Heritage is Director of API Strategy at SOA Software. In
this role, she works with customer to establish API Business strategies
and implement API and SOA Platforms. Previously Ms. Heritage served as a
Product Line Manager at IBM and was responsible for establishing IBM¹s API
Management business. Find her on twitter at @heritagelaura


Tom Klein is Chief Executive Officer of Digital Scientists. Tom is an authority on digital innovation, brand experience, ecommerce, and digital marketing.  As the founder and CEO of Digital Scientists, he helps clients build digital businesses & services: mobile, wearable, car, location, contextual, web, and search.
Follow Tom on twitter @tomklein

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